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Brown was responsible for luring Calthorpe to California in the first place in the s, setting him on the course he has taken, so expect even further progress.

The tools Calthorpe and his associates are developing should and will be applied to metropolitan areas around the country. Metropolitan scenario planning—which involves understanding the unique economy of a metropolitan area that will drive the transportation planning, which in turns drives land use—should be the foundation for the next federal transportation bill.

Urbanism in the Age of Climate Change

Scenario planning links the many direct and indirect impacts of the built environment, land use and conservation, transportation and other infrastructure, water and air pollution, economic growth, net fiscal impacts, health, etc. As a conservative, Republican part of the country, this fast-growing area would not be expected to embrace a politically correct, environmentally sensitive strategy.

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But a version of a green urban future is what the region selected and, as a part of that future, the region has locally invested in the second-largest light-rail and commuter-rail system under construction in the nation. This book could prove to be the most important book of the year regarding the built environment, the most important book of the year in the environmental movement, and the most important real estate business book as well—quite a hat trick.

Building cities for humans

View on Twitter. Urban Land magazine has announced the winners of its 40 Under 40 competition, which recognizes the best and brightest young land use professionals from around the globe.

Cities are filing suit against the state, the governor, and legislators for forcing them to pay what some term a high ransom to preserve their redevelopment agencies. Read what the mayor of Riverside says redevelopment efforts contributed to his city.

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How are retailers doing in the wake of the ongoing economic downturn? The spectrum of options by which the built environment is constructed can affect energy use and GHG emissions dramatically.

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Coastal Cities August 19, This book serves as a call to action, a compendium of new information, and a road map for moving forward. Peter Calthorpe is a leading architect, urban designer and a founding member of the Congress for New Urbanism.

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Named one of 25 "Innovators on the Cutting Edge" by Newsweek, he has been changing the way we imagine and design our cities for over three decades, establishing the field of regional design with his pioneering work in San Francisco, Portland, Salt Lake, Austin, the Twin Cities, and Los Angeles. NAi Boekverkopers voor inspiratie en informatie op het gebied van architectuur, stedenbouw, landschap en design.

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  5. Urbanism in the Age of Climate Change. Overzicht Beschrijving In Urbanism in the Age of Climate Change, newly available in paperback, Peter Calthorpe argues that sustainable urbanism - community design that considers the traditional tenets of urbanism, with an added emphasis on conservation and regionalism - is essential to addressing climate change.

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