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The poetry of the Romantics

Pictured: Robert Browning. May 3, Pictured: Gustave Faubert. Poetry and the Classical Tradition.

Dante Alighieri

June 20, April 20, March 8, Romanticism and Nature Part 4. Romanticism and Nature Part 3.

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Romanticism and Nature Part 2. Romanticism and Nature Part 1. Tagged: Dante.

Welcome to my blog, Tradition Restored. She then has room only for Shelley, Keats and Blake's late drawings, and only once seems aware that her coverage might have been wider.

Alana Dante en The Romantics in Gelek Dantwas

Quite why complex allusiveness should trump mere complex reworking so decisively is not made clear. There are worse problems with this book.

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  8. It lacks focus, clarity and direction. It accumulates information rather than utilising it.

    It is content to assert that this or that aspect of its subject is 'significant' an endlessly used word , without being disposed, or able, to explain how such significance is to be understood. To be told that 'Hazlitt's contribution is especially significant because it represents the first significant appreciation of Dante by a Romantic critic' is not to be told very much.

    Dante and the Romantics

    Cary's Vision is, of course, an important topic, and work has already been done on those features of it that influenced Romantic conceptions of Dante. Cary Miltonises the Commedia, by means of specific borrowings as well as general stylistic imitation. He homogenises as he elevates, narrowing the original's tonal range and rendering its language 'somewhat less offensive' to English readers and less 'hard and uncouth'. Where he can he tones down Catholic elements, and he reduces Dante's high valuation of femaleness.

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