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When archiving or preparing a library for transport, describe a few tasks you should complete. Managed media files gives Final Cut Pro the responsibility of storing your source media files inside the library you designate.

Storing media externally saddles you with the responsibility of watching over the source media files. In either case, you determine where the media files are physically stored. Consolidate the library as a managed library, and delete render, optimized, and proxy media files. Lesson 10 review questions After completing Lesson 10, you should be able to answer the following questions:. Which project Video Properties parameter must be selected to edit in a nonnative video resolution?

What command creates a compound clip that syncs a video clip and an audio clip recorded on separate devices? In what vertical order should clips be placed for compositing?

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Final Cut Studio 3 is here, and all is good! : Apple Final Cut Pro Legacy

Yellow indicates the active video and audio angle. Blue indicates the active video angle. Green indicates the active audio angle.

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UT Dallas Syllabus for math Jump to Page. Search inside document. Describe the three post-production workflow phases in Final Cut Pro. Should you update any post-production software during an editing job in progress? Which of these three is the largest container: clip, event, or library?

Describe possible organizational criteria for sorting clips and projects into events. Name and describe the built-in command for backing up camera media files. Where should you store camera archives? The library is the largest of the media containers. Apple ProRes When applying keywords to a clip, may keywords be overlapped? Which Inspector can you use to add notes to a clip? How can you locate it?

What procedure is necessary to search an event using a combination of keywords? How do you edit the criteria rules for an existing Smart Collection? At what point in the workflow may a clip be assigned a role?

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Yes 2. The Info inspector 3. Unrated 4. Hide Rejected 5. In the Libraries pane, double-click the Smart Collection. What do the Automatic Settings do when creating a new project? Where are projects stored? Which toolbar button performs an append edit? What do the green, blue, and purple stripes overlaying a Browser clip identify? Identify the trim type used in the image below. Which two interface items provide additional skimming precision in the Browser?

In the image below, what does the Viewer overlay indicate?

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In the image below, what type of edit was performed with one command? Identify the interface element that displays the Audio meters. Projects are stored within a designated event. Append 4. Insert 5. The append edit button 6. Favorite, user-applied keyword, and analysis keyword 7.


The skimmer, if active; otherwise, the playhead 9. Ripple trim The playhead or skimmer is cued to the start frame of a clip. A gap clip Replace with gap or lift edit keyboard shortcut: Shift-Delete The Audio Meters button in the Dashboard Identify and define from left to right the four buttons in the image below. In the image below, what action results from the displayed indication in the Dashboard?

Final Cut Pro x

Where do you find a list of all markers used in a project? What command was invoked in the project displayed in the image below? What icon badge identifies an audition clip? What command was used in the scenario shown below? The Replace edit command 3. The Tags Index found in the Timeline Index pane 6. The Solo command, Option-S 7.

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The Position tool 8. Roles may be assigned in the Info inspector or in the Modify menu. A spotlight badge identifies and is an access point to an audition clip. Which interface items allow access to the Custom Speed window? What does the red bracket indicate in the image below? How do you replace a project transition with a transition from the Transition Browser? How do you access the individual components of a compound clip?

The Retime pop-up menu The Retime Editor 2. The Blade Speed command from the Retime pop-up menu 5.


In the Viewer In the Inspector What happens when you double-click a title in a project? What key should you press to exit text entry in the Viewer? What modifier key used with the Select tool will create audio keyframes? What tool prepares a section of an audio clip to receive four keyframes at once?