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The easiest thing would be for her to create, but she is reluctant to do so, since the Self is now part of the drama. So what she tries to do is con the Ego into feeling good. The Ego is on guard against feminine influences. The individual will reject any form of female voice in his head, and will consciously or unconsciously, screen the opinions of all women in the outside world, to ensure they are not reflected Anima opinions.

Another popular origin is 'anti-monk', or more specifically, 'monk killer'. Many monks were alchemists, and antimony is poisonous. This archetype acts as a false prophet, and tries to convince the Ego, without any real proof, that goods things are coming. The individual must reject all predictions, and remain in his reflective, monk state, until real, positive events happen.

Since ancient times, it was used in bronze to make it harder. Yet it was a well known poison.

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Jung - Mysterium Coniunctionis. The new sign can be easily ascertained, by anyone who has in their possession, their birth certificate. Most horoscope software programs, will figure out what it is, once the individual inputs the location, date and time of birth. The converting over to the ascendant sign, corresponds to the arrival of the archetype of the Wise Old Man.

The old way of doing things, which were reflected in the original sign, are mostly over. This refers to the dark side of the contrasexual. It splits itself, becoming consciousness and the unconscious. The Ego is pulled into the unconscious by the Anima, during the final stage of the 'tension of opposites'. Because of the dissolution of consciousness, it is no longer a major influence in, nor receives any happiness from, the outside world. The Ego can see or feel the end of the darkness nearing.

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Imagine night-time, with dawn approaching. Though you cannot yet see the sun, it's light is bending over the horizon. Finally, the sun of the winter solstice rises.

The Ego is freed from it's imprisonment. Red represents blood passion. The Ego regains it's ability to enjoy life again. Any overbalance in one direction, is eventually corrected, usually in the opposite direction. During the darkness of midlife, compensation often happens on a massive scale. Societies can't remain too frivolous or too serious indefinitely. Eras of gaiety in the United States, such as the s the Gay Nineties and the s the Roaring Twenties , were followed by somber and stressful times.

Individual darkness often times itself to society's clock. There are two stages to the Dark Anima. First is in the 'tension of opposites'. As the Anima starts developing her own four functions, she starts clashing with the male side. She begins showing a more sinister and threatening aspect. The second stage is after she's dragged the Ego into the unconscious. She feeds off the Ego's emotions. Sometimes she wants his love, and sometimes she needs his hate. Your once golden touch has turned to lead. Your forward momentum has come to a standstill.

A lifetime of acquired skills suddenly bear no fruit. At an age where you should be fitting the final pieces of the puzzle into place, you find instead the previously placed pieces have fallen to the ground at your feet.

The Jung Lexicon by Jungian analyst, Daryl Sharp, Toronto

Your life is a mess. Problematic people appear out of the woodwork. The faster you try to swim out of your situation, the deeper in the quicksand you seem to sink. How did you end up in this nightmarish place?

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That's easy to answer. Consciously or unconsciously, you followed the path outlined by Jungian psychology. Unfortunately, your noble efforts have brought about your own ruin.

Harry's journey towards gold: Alchemical symbols in the Harry Potter series

The promised land you so determinedly sought, has turned out to be a vast wasteland. This spiraling downward is the dark side of the individuation process. The key to what went wrong is number 4. When things get bad during the 'tension of opposites', the frustrated Anima, who is tired of the stalemate, has an option. Because she is an entity of both consciousness and the unconscious, she has the ability to pull the Ego down into the unconscious, which she does. This gives her the upper hand.

Her malevolence towards the Ego pushes itself to the forefront. Trapped in the unconscious, the Ego is ineffective in the outside world. The unconscious sucks all the warmth and energy out of him. In addition, the Ego is attacked by the Self. The perilous splintering of the psyche has begun. With the collapse, the implosion, comes a man's loss of faith and resolve. There is no shelter, no refuge, from the darkening storm. What sanctuary, what asylum, could possibly hold back the dangerous, primordial tide? The antithesis of the Ego, chaos, has taken over. While symptoms related to neurosis are typical, more severe forms of mental illness are possible.

Yet there is a chance of deliverance. The solitude of introspection can bring relief to a grieving soul. The cure, the remedy, is emotional withdrawal. Seclusion is what the psyche expects.

Acting as a mystic, the man must use active imagination and meditation to interpret dreams, moods and visions daydreams. This bears a close resemblance to gnosticism releasing the spirit from it's bondage in matter. As he conducts psychoanalysis on himself, his instincts will kick in, and slowly, he will change demons to angels.

The opportunity for true growth will eventually present itself. The Odyssey by Homer, in the eighth century B.

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  • Prior to civilization, man believed in basically one god, more specifically, one goddess. The mother goddess represented the unconscious, which was the mother of consciousness. The development of consciousness, is what allowed man to conquer his environment. He was lucky to make it to twenty years of age. Therefore, his view of god could never get past that of his creator, the unconscious.

    As the life span of men grew, they increased the distance between themselves and the unconscious. They began to identify with their male archetypes, which now had a chance to fully develop. These archetypes became their gods. The Greeks and their gods are a good example of this.

    Yet archetype worship was due to end, because of man's ever increasing life span. The Norse Viking era had anticipated this. Their belief in Ragnarok, foretold their gods would eventually be overthrown after a great battle. Christianity and the re-belief in one god, rose from the expanded lives which now included the darkness of midlife, and the redemption that follows.

    The cross so perfectly reflects, the suspension and agony an individual feels, as he's pulled in three directions by the unconscious, the Dark Self and the Dark Anima. Though not yet activated, it exists in the psyche as the potential future. The 'tension of opposites' and the 'darkness of midlife' are inevitabilities, so the future beyond them must be readied.