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As a result, the house continues to maintain enough physical integrity to be readily identifiable as a contributor to the program. The property is also significant under Criterion C because it embodies the distinctive characteristics of residential architecture associated with the Case Study House program. Therefore, the property qualifies for listing under Criteria A and C at the local level of significance. For information on what these criterion are and how they are applied, please see our Bulletin on How to Apply the National Register Criteria Quicklinks.

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Search the National Register Database. After the defeat of the Spanish army, however, Sor accepted an administrative post in the occupying government.

After the Spanish repelled the French in , Sor and other afrancesados left Spain for fear of retribution. He went to Paris, never to return to his home country again.


He gained renown at first as a virtuoso guitarist and composer for the instrument. When he attempted composing operas, however, he was rejected by the French. His Opus 7 was a large and strange piece, notated in three clefs, and no guitarist at the time could play it.

Since France was no longer supportive of his music, Sor decided to try his talents elsewhere. In , he went to London to attempt to build a stronger music career there.

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Again, he gained considerable fame as a guitarist and gave guitar and voice lessons. Since ballet in London was more popular than opera, Sor decided to try his hand at this new genre of music. He had considerable success this time, especially with his ballet Cendrillon. Not much is known about his time there, however, despite the exaggeration about his romantic and professional life. After three years in Moscow, he traveled around Europe giving concerts and getting into music circles everywhere he went.

In , partly due to his advancing age, he settled down and decided to live out the rest of his life back in Paris.